My Online Diary

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now but just didn’t have the nerve to do it. It’s a lot of putting yourself out there not knowing what people will say. However I want to remember these years and try to force myself to take more pictures of my little girls. I’ve been blessed with 3 wonderful little girls with twins on the way. Yes twins it’s crazy and scary and wonderful all at the same time. One of the babies is a boy! We were so excited especially since this was going to be our last go round with the whole pregnancy thing. Which is not to say I mind being pregnant I actually enjoyed all of my singleton pregnancies but with twins everything is just, well just more. I had morning sickness to the point of not being able or wanting to leave the couch. When that stopped came the aches and pains of expanding so quickly. Right now I have maybe three months left to carry them and I’m feeling kind of melancholy about it. The last time to feel a living being move inside me knowing that I’m creating a life. That part I will miss, stretch marks and having to drink tons of water not so much.


Ellaenor is my oldest baby and the first time I experienced love at first sight. She is six now and so dang smart and curious. Ella is also a bit of a neat freak with an eye for detail that is surprising in someone her age. I’m homeschooling her right now and she picks it up so fast that I often wonder if I’m not challenging her enough which probably is the case. Her favorite books right now are anything Pinkalicious, Little House on the Prairie and weirdly enough non-fiction on whatever she’s interested in. Next year I’m going to be introducing history and some nature journaling. This year however it’s just the basics and getting a rhythm down which is going to be totally altered when the twins get here but it’s good to have a base line right?

Anna is the middle sister and my mother would say she has middle child syndrome. Which drives me crazy but is probably slightly true. She is loud to be heard over her sisters and rough and tumble which is part of her personality. Really rough we actually nicknamed her Bulldozer because she just bulldozes her way through everything. She is amazing at memorization and a snuggle bug which is the opposite of how she was when she was a baby. Anna walked at nine months and once she started moving she never stopped. Anna also rarely sleeps and needs to be practically sat on to take a nap even at almost four she still has trouble.

Penny is two, today actually and is the sweetest little thing. Eighteen months and up may be one of my favorite ages. She doesn’t talk much yet but her facial expressions are so expressive she almost doesn’t need to. Penny loves giving kisses and hugs and after screaming the entire first six months as well as crying and clinging it’s a nice change. Seriously she took mamas girl to a whole other level her first year. There was only eighteen months between Anna and Penny and saying that was hard would be an understatement. I didn’t feel like I had a handle on anything until Penny was a year old and started sleeping all night on a semi regular basis. Now she is sleeping better then ever sharing a room with her other sisters.

Sometimes I stop and look around amazed that this is my life. Those are my babies and how unbelievably blessed I am to have them. Saying parenthood has changed my life would be an understatement. It has changed the way I think the way I carry myself. My confidence has grown and so has my ability to take care of things. Cooking is something I enjoy as well as sewing and homeschooling. My life hasn’t turned out the way I expected it to, it turned out better then I could have hoped. Yes I used baby pictures mostly because I love looking at them. Seriously though how stinkin’ cute are my babies.

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