Daily Schedule

I’ll be honest I am not a morning person. I don’t feel awake until at least 8 and even then it’s pretty iffy. So seeing all these other homeschooling moms schedules that get all of their kids school stuff done by ten makes me feel pretty jealous. That just isn’t me I tried doing it for a few weeks but I noticed that I was much less patient and the learning that was being done just wasn’t fun. The whole point of homeschooling for me was to instill a LOVE of learning, not dreading every moment of it. Our homeschool day starts anywhere from 12-1 after Penny is napping and Anna is laying down for her quite time. This works a lot better since it’s just the two of us and the house is relatively quite, especially since Miss Ella has a hard time concentrating with a screaming toddler and grumpy sister hanging all over her teacherΒ her sisters playing around her.

We usually get reading out of the way first which was the subject we struggled with the most but as Ella gets more confident it’s getting easier and more fun. I’m using The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading which I much prefer to 100 Easy Lessons To Teach Your Child to Read mostly because it didn’t teach reading rules so much as sight words. Next we do writing practice which we have breezed through since she love, love, loves anything to do with writing. Zane- Bloser K workbook is what I chose for this and I love it just for helping her memorize her ABC’s when reviewing the letters she has already learned. Last but not least is math. Math is last because it is what Ella most enjoys and since she is usually tired of sitting by now this keeps her attention for the 20-30 minutes required to finish the lesson. Saxon Math Level K is what we use 3 times a week with a dot to dot coloring book in between to help with putting her numbers in order. Honestly Ive had to skip quite a few lessons in the Saxon math just because it feels a little pre-k to me. Teaching them to count to five was definitely not something new to her. It probably would have been more useful last year when I did a “let’s just wing it” kindergarten year that I didn’t use anything specific except some workbooks from Wal-Mart and reading tons of books. I’m just glad that she retained more then what I thought she would. It does have some advantages like working on word problems, graphs, and patterns which Ive read is important for math later on. Building the foundation for her future in math while boring for me and sometimes for her is good in the long run.

Intense study followed by intense play is my homeschooling motto right now and is a curious blend of classical education and unschooling. Most of the day is spent doing art projects, pretend play and going outside and observing nature. Lots of reading gets done as well both fiction and non-fiction. I’m considering adding in spelling lists and tests just because no matter how awesome TOPGTTR it doesn’t focus so much on spelling. Next year I’d like to have a more formal art study as well as adding The Story of the World to our curriculum and more nature study in the form of nature journaling. I’ve learned so much which surprised me because we’re doing kindergarten and I should know all of this stuff right? Maybe I did know it and just didn’t know the technical terms? Whatever it is it’s nice to review and even more amazing to watch her “get it”. The moment when the information clicks and her face lights up, it’s totally worth all the research and extra prep work to keep her at home with me.

Next year however I’ll have a first grader and a preschooler to do school with along with a toddler who is an attention hog along with twins. Challenging to say the least but I’m oddly looking forward to it. That could be the pregnancy hormones talking though and I probably won’t be so enamoured with it when I’m a zombie from lack of sleep and screaming babies/toddler hanging all over me. Β Well that is the homeschool portion of our day, not including meals, snack and mandatory house work that needs to get done as well. Wish me Luck!

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