The Twins Are Here!!!


Okay so they’ve been here a while now. I’m the one who is just coming out of the postpartum fog that follows having a baby. Is it a coincidence that it happens to coincide with the end of the 4th trimester? Probably not. The twins are finally on a semi decent schedule and I am starting to feel like a human being again. Anyway now for the fun part, the details of the twins birthday! They were born on December 14th almost a month before they were supposed to come. Ivy weighed 5 lbs 15 oz and Hunter weighed 5 lbs 4 oz. I unfortunately had to have a c-section because both babies were breech with their heads lodged underneath my rib cage. I know fun right? The procedure went well with no complications for me. Ivy was delivered first and cried immediately though it was weak. Not surprising considering she was born at 36 weeks. Β Hunter however was not normal. When they pulled him out and showed me my beautiful baby boy he was purple. He was crying but he just couldn’t get enough air. I’d like to say I asked why he was purple but I didn’t. Not a fan of hospitals and had to make a concentrated effort not to panic. But purple my little boy was and they whisked him away to the nursery where he was put under a plastic hood that gave him increased oxygen. I was wheeled to my room given instructions to sleep and not lift my head and then left.

They had told me that he needed a little help breathing but I didn’t understand how bad it was until my husband went down and took pictures of the babies for me and there was Hunter under his little bubble. I don’t know if you’ve ever cried after having major abdominal surgery but let me just save you the trouble and tell you it hurts, a lot. After I could finally sit up they brought me Ivy and I gave all my love and snuggles to her all the while wishing I could be doing the same to Hunter. I didn’t get to hold my baby for two days and only because his breathing had gotten worse and they put nasal oxygen Β on to help force more air into his little lungs did i get to hold him for a brief time skin to skin. They also put a tube through his nose into his stomach because of bloating and eventually so he could eat. Meanwhile Ivy was thriving, she nursed perfectly actually better then all of my other full term babies. I was also pumping in the hospital so Hunter could get some food as well. He had lost about a pound at this point and before he got my milk was only getting IV fluids. We were in the hospital for a week with Ivy and I being discharged and boarding in one of the rooms across from the nursery. Ivy was nursed and then fed formula until she was full and Hunter got all breast milk and was fed as much as his belly could take every hour and a half so he could gain weight and get rid of the Jaundice that inevitably came.

We were finally released and on our way home! That week was probably the hardest one I’ve ever had. Being away from my girls and staying in a strange room plus the crazy hormones you have after having babies left me an exhausted mess. Also constantly hearing the nurses say “Oh your going to have your hands full when you get home.” didn’t help. I know they meant it in a harmless way but I was already doubting my ability to take care of everything anyway and having them say it left me a crying nervous wreck. I slept better at home though and that helped with the crazy hormones. My appetite increased which helped with producing good breast milk so the babies thrived. Hunter even went from taking only a bottle to breast feeding then taking a bottle of whatever I could pump for him. He Looked starved you could see all his bones and he slept all the time. Now almost three months later he has cheeks and is starting to fill out nicely. He gets all the snuggles he can handle from the girls and I. Ivy who was already thriving is quite the chunk with an every two hour feeding schedule. She smiles and it just brightens the whole room they’re so filled with joy and contentment. Ivy Beth as we call her, loves her sisters and will smile and coo at them more then she will me.

Having twins is much harder then I thought especially while taking care of my three oldest girls as well. It’s also twice as fulfilling and twice the warm fuzzy feelings you get when having a new baby. The exhaustion is worth it to see them smile. Most of the time anyway:) I never thought I would have twins these are the first in my family. It is both easier and harder then anything I could’ve imagined. I’m so glad to have been blessed with the family I have. All five of them. I would post pictures but I can’t figure out how to do that at this point so if you’d like to see any you can visit my Instagram account branditroyer3.

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