Ramblings of the Sleep Deprived

The Twins are 3 months old now!! Time starts going warp speed after you have kids at least it seems to. They’re both doing well and meeting some milestones on time. The doctor said that they should be all caught up by the time they turn a year. Still I find myself worrying about it. The three girls are still loving on “their babies” and watching them interact with them makes my heart feel like it’s to big for my chest. Ella is still chugging away at her schoolwork and Anna is looking over her shoulder learning right along with her. I’m not sure how it’s going to work when she starts school in the fall but I do think it’s going to be much easier to teach her the basics.

I haven’t done much sewing lately. Actually none at all, I tried to hem some curtains and my machine decided to protest it’s sudden use. Seriously though how does the bobbin thread get caught up in the sewing like that? Is it that the thread isn’t tight enough on the bobbin? Am I sewing to fast? I’m not sure but it’s super irritating when I barely have a minute to sew and have to spend all that time fiddling with my machine.

In other news I’ve finally saved up enough to get a dslr camera so hopefully I’ll be able to get some picture posted on here. I’m kind of excited about it even though I have no clue how to use it. Learning something new for someone who wants perfection from the first try.

I’m already researching curriculum for the new school year though I am thinking of starting it sooner and just doing it all year round and staying in “school mode” might be easier then stopping and starting. Does it make me a nerd that I like researching different curriculum. I might give notebooking a try as well and maybe take a more Charlotte Mason approach instead of the unschooling with a little structured reading lesson thrown in. Charlotte Mason like Montessori seems kind of like a lifestyle. I think I might incorporate poetry teatime which would help inject a little more of a schedule. How fun would it be if they each had their own pretty teacup and saucer maybe even with a matching teapot. It would be a good way to teach table manners as well and we all know children can never have enough of that.

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