It’s Been Awhile

The twins are almost a year old already? How is this possible! It seems that the time goes faster the more children I have and it’s horrible. Yet wonderful to see their presonality coming through. I wish it would just slow down a little though so I could enjoy it a little more. Anyway I thought I’d update how the Homeschooling thing was going on here and I’m hoping to start updating and doing some other projects around the house and posting about them.

School is going, well, blah. It’s fun some days and others not so much. Ella is very strong-willed and when she doesn’t want to do something she does her absolute best to make it as difficult as possible to getΒ theΒ work done. We do morning time which is the best possible thing I could have started. I put everything that we’re doing in a basket, what we’re reading, the extra subject of the day and any supplies that we’ll need. Different days have different subjects, but we always do spelling/reading, math and copywork. On Mondays and Thursdays I read our history book and do the map and coloring page that goes with the chapter the project we do on Thursday along with the extra books. Tuesdays we read our nature history books and do our nature journals which the girls love and I rarely have to fight them on. Wednesdays we actually just do all of our main subjects and free reading which is whatever books they want I will read. Fridays are our art days we look at different artists and try to mimic their style. This is actually something we need to work on to make it more… educational? I can’t think of how I want to say it. It’s just not working exactly the way I want it to I’m not sure if I could read more about the artist or if we should focus on the painting and describe it more but something needs to change.

That’s what we work on in the morning and in the afternoon we do our core subjects and free reading followed by some type of handicraft. I really love the Charlotte Mason way of doing things but I still feel like I need to tweak it to make it work at its full potential. Also a friend found a local Classical Conversations which is another method of education that I like and agree with. It’s actually similar to Charlotte Mason. We might switch to that eventually. Hopefully soon I’ll have some pictures up of some sewing projects but who knows. =)

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